Responsible Disclosure of Security Vulnerabilities

We do our absolute best to ensure that our website is as secure as possible. Our web security is reviewed and updated regularly by our highly skilled security team. 

We welcome and encourage anyone who find security vulnerabilities to report them to us as soon as possible.

Please submit vulnerabilities to:

Only security related reports will be considered.
Site-related support? Please visit our help and support page.

Do not engage in any malicious activity!

Denial of service attacks, viewing another user's private data or modifying data without authorization may result in severe legal consequences.

Submission Guidelines

When reporting a security vulnerability, please include these required information in your report:

  • a summary of the problem
  • a proof-of-concept or demonstration of the vulnerability
  • a detailed instructions or steps on how to reproduce the vulnerability
  • a severity rating (1-3, with 3 being a serious vulnerability)

Past Questions Bank(PQB) appreciate your contribution to our website's security and development. To encourage bug and vulnerability reports, we will not bring private action or public inquiry against researchers who follow the rules below.
The vulnerability:

  • must include the required information listed above
  • must not be shared or published elsewhere
  • must be reported to Past Questions Bank(PQB) via the above email as early as possible


Researchers behind vulnerabilities that are deemed worthy by our security team will be rewarded with a listing on a very special page here on our website.

The Researchers name, link to website, profile or company will be published on our Security Hall Of Fame.