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About us

Pastquestionsbank.com is Africa's largest marketplace for learning and preparing for examinations. Through our marketplace, students can access our database of all past question papers we have collected and solved over the years. Most of these past questions are very rare and hard to find such as past question papers that date back to 1990's.

By sharing income with members, PQB is helping individuals make extra income while pursuing their dreams in education.

PQB is constantly being engineered and will gradually evolve into Africa's best educational website, if not the World's.

How we started.

Few years ago, a small group of educationists, talented programmers and website developers from Asia and Africa colaborated virtually on a project to build a web app with two goals: 

  • to eliminate the pain and hussle we experience in finding great, well organized, accurately solved and ready to learn past question papers when preparing for examinations
  • to make quality educational resources easily accessible to everyone, beginning with students in West Africa

These common goals ignited our spirits, ergo, Pastquestionsbank(PQB) was born.